Honolulu FW1819
  • Honolulu FW1819
  • Honolulu FW1819
  • Honolulu FW1819
  • Honolulu FW1819


honolulu fw1819


Honolulu FW1819


Light Blue/Bicycle
Light Grey/Bicycle

SFr. 249.00

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An Old Captain classic: the Honolulu shirt is a timeless favorite updated each collection to incorporate the latest Old Captain prints. The solid color exterior makes this shirt perfect for any occasion.

Roll up the cuffs and relax the collar to reveal the hidden print details that make these shirts unique.

This shirt has a remarkably versatile style. Casual if worn with jeans or summer trousers, elegant when worn for formal events with fine accessories.

It's woven in a silky smooth 100% cotton fabric that incorporates a little bit of stretch for an incredible comfort.

Slim fit. French collar. 1 single pocket. 2 button cuffs. 

Here's the Light Blue version with Sumatra pattern details.

Expertly hand cut, constructed and sewn in Switzerland.


honolulu fw1819