Road Trip Custom Made video report

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Three young Swiss labels present themselves to their country.

The MADE-TO-MEASURE ROAD-TRIP is a collaboration among the three young labels Le Majordome, Old Captain Co. and SELFNATION.

Enjoy the video of this first adventure! 


All three companies stand for highest quality, individuality and innovation in their respective field. Le Majordome offers custom-made welted shoes, SELFNATION produces made-to-measure, Swiss and German made trousers and Old Captain Co. manufactures premium shirts in Ticino.

Analogous ways of working, similar standards in materials and their handling as well as a close friendship form the basis of the collaboration. The focus of the cooperation is a tour through Switzerland in an old-timer bus.
During this tour the three labels visit together three cities in the German-, French- and Italian-speaking part of their home country.
The public has in each city the opportunity to get to know the products of the three labels and the people behind it. At the same time, interested visitors have the possibility to get measured and fitted from head to toes; with shirts from Old Captain Co., pants from SELFNATION and shoes from Le Majordome.