Locally Swiss made:
With shirts that are inspired by world travels one may be surprised to know that all Old Captain Co. shirts are completely produced less than 1 kilometer from the Founder Yari Copt’s home in Lugano Switzerland. This new 0km Production Model has allowed Old Captain Co. to create a complete design ecosystem established in the heart of Ticino, that incorporates locals at each step from design, to sourcing and manufacturing.
After discovering the history of the shirting industry in Ticino, Old Captain Co. wanted to leverage its unique position to give new life to the industry. By working with a local manufacturer Yari was able to find a factory of highly specialized Ticinese seamstresses whose passion and expert craftsmanship can be seen in every shirt they have handmade.
dresdensia factory

Limited waste:
Sustainable manufacturing was at the forefront of the Old Captain Co. vision which is why manufacturing has always been done on a made-to-order production schedule. By only producing the ordered quantities for retailers and creating customized pieces as the orders are placed Old Captain Co has eliminated inventory and reduced their waste. This process has allowed them to use left-over fabrics for later collections, such as the Honolulu shirt an iconic piece that is updated each collection and for details in collaboration's goods. The textiles used in production are also sourced with the values of Old Captain Co. in mind.

Old Captain Co. exclusive prints are designed locally, developed by young talented artists and manufactured 1 hour from Lugano by Leggiuno, a textile weaving factory since 1908. All products are of the highest quality and made entirely in there: every step of the weaving, dying, printing and finishing is performed in the factory in Leggiuno. One of the factors that contributes to the exceptional Leggiuno quality is the use of water from local lakes: the water is particularly soft which enables the factory to drastically reduce the amount of additives and chemicals used for dyeing and finishing and it also acts as a natural fabric softener. Wastewater passes through special filter systems to ensure the utmost is done to protect the surrounding environment. OEKO-TEX certification guarantees that all Old Captain Co. fabrics comply with ethical and environmental requirements and offer complete traceability.
leggiuno fabrics
Old Captain Co. views sustainable and ethical manufacturing equally as important to quality and design. These values are why Old Captain Co. has introduced the 0km Production Model. Yari's ability to jump on his skateboard to be available to his team and check on processes within minutes is what allows him to ensure the highest quality products to Old Captain Co. customers while creating new opportunities and inspiration for his neighbors.