About us

Founded in 2016 by entrepreneur, musician, radio DJ and skateboarder Yari Copt, Old Captain Co. is a Lugano based manufacturer of premium Swiss Made dress shirts for active and creative people.
Music, art, and sport have allowed Yari to wander the world and ultimately inspired him to create a brand that encompasses the influence of these passions.
Old Captain Co. develops their shirts in a small factory in the south of Switzerland where expert hands take care of the production build on the foundation of Swiss Made: high-quality, luxury, exclusivity and tradition.
factory dresdensia 
The clean and classic brand aesthetic, the distinctive details and unique style, the quest to source the world's best fabrics, and the craftsmanship used to create high quality products, is the foundation and inspiration behind Old Captain Co.
We always make decisions for the long term based on quality and integrity and we are accountable for our impact on the environment, people and communities that orbit around us. 
That's why we only produce what we sell, and everything is made in 1 hour territory from our home base.
emanuela handmade
We organise exclusive and unique events for our collections launches and for any excuse we find to promote good art, music and sport.
Old Captain is a metaphor for taking your life into your own hands, being courageous, discovering, following your instincts, working hard, creating and not being afraid to fail. We want to inspire people to travel, learn and open their mind.
Our upside down anchor is a symbol of freedom - to not be anchored down to this world, to a place or to what your life is supposed to be.

If you dare to be courageous, follow your instincts, explore, enjoy the small things, inspire and be inspired, then you will need no ship or no sea, to conquer the world. So go out there, become your own captain, wander the world and if you can, make it a little bit better. 

Yari Copt

Old Captain Co.